Flowbox Analysis: Jewelry Brands on Instagram [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Flowbox Analysis: Jewelry Brands on Instagram [INFOGRAPHIC]

You wake up one day and your Instagram feed is full with red hearts and chocolates. It’s Valentine’s morning: the perfect opportunity for jewelry brands on Instagram to shine.

Among all these pictures, every now and then, a little golden shiny sparkle appears reminding you that it is not all about heart shaped balloons and breakfast in bed, Valentines is about jewelry too.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/cartier/

At Flowbox we monitored the most romantic weekend of the year, tracking hashtags related to some of the most exclusive jewelry brands on Instagram.

We analyzed the results to see where jewels go once they enter Instagram. We found some exclusive online neighborhoods and let me tell you, there’s no cheap way of getting in.

If you are searching for luxury on Instagram, turn off your GPS and keep reading.

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Jewelry Brands On Instagram

Here’s what we found:

From February 13th, 2016 at 12:00am until February 15th, 2016 at 11:59 pm, 41,673 images were uploaded on Instagram using hashtags associated with luxury jewelry brands.

Posts were uploaded by 18, 644 unique users, accumulating 2,435,020 likes and 71,305 comments in total.

On average, 578 posts related to jewelry brands were uploaded per hour during the St Valentine’s weekend.

The peak hours were between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm (did we mention breakfast in bed?) and between 7:00pm and 08:00 pm (yes, Instagram is all about food. And there is no better moment to give your loved one a piece of jewelry than during a romantic dinner)

Not only did we find a connection between food and jewels, we also realized that competition between jewelry brands on Instagram is fierce and the big names take the biggest slice of the market.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/swarovski/

Out of the 30 brands we tracked, the top 5 brands by number of mentions were mentioned in 91% of all posts.

This means that in 91% of all posts, at least one of the following brands was mentioned:

Cartier with 14,608 posts (35% total posts), Swarovski with 14,447 (34% total posts),  Bvlgari with 7,143 (17% total posts), Van Cleef Arpels with 1,126 (3% total posts), and Tous with 991 posts (2% total posts).

This paints a bleak picture for new brands trying to get in on the game, but there are ways of doing it for you follow but Instagram best practices.

The real battle is between Cartier and Swarovski, and they are not far away from each other: with a difference of less than 200 posts where they have been mentioned, they took the first and second position in our list of the top 5 most mentioned brands.

We saw the same scenario when we calculated total reach of the brands we analyzed . In this case Swarovski beat Cartier, with 60.4 million users against Cartier’s 51.5 million. Bvlgari came in third place with 22.2 million, followed by BaubleBar (4.8m) and Graff Diamonds (3m).

The average Brand Total Reach for the monitored brands is 5,5 million users.

Wait, who is posting all these images and who had the best results?

At this point @michelle_lewin, a fitness Instagramer, enters the game and beats all the brands with the two most liked pictures in our entire study. She received 168,148 likes in total, more than any brand we tracked. In distant third place there is @TiffanyandCo, followed by @Cartier.

Jewelry Brands on Instagram

Luxury combines with luxury

One of the most surprising discoveries we had were the secondary hashtags* we found, related with brands from a different luxury industry altogether.

While we focused purely on jewelry brands for our Valentine’s analysis, as we wanted to understand the behavior of Instagram users in this sector, we ended up pleasantly surprised with our results when analyzing the secondary hashtags.

Of the top 10 most used hashtags on the images we collected, appeared not one, but six clothing and accessories brands, whose names pop up even more than the brands we focused on. Some of them are: Chanel with 8,097 mentions, Hermes with 6,748, Gucci with 6,731, Dior with 6,127, Fendi with 5,170 and Prada with 5,079 mentions.

These results speak loud and clear about the way luxury brands are consumed. You don’t just wear a Cartier piece of jewelry with any ordinary dress or purse. Luxury is all about the harmony.

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(*) The secondary hashtags are those that appear accompanied by our main hashtags, the ones we are tracking: #jenniferfisherjewelry, #eddieborgo, #stephenwebsterjewellery, #graffdiamonds, #pamelalove, #leivankash, #anitako, #jacquieaiche, #baublebar, #ryanstorer, #aureliebidermann, #brookegregson, #tacorigirl, #hookedonyou, #jasonofbh, #monicavinader, #samanthawills, #repossi, #harrywinston, #lulu_frost, #swarovski, #cartier, #bvlgariofficial, #official_mikimoto, #stelladotstyle, #tousjewelry, #vancleefarpels, #tiffanyandco, #theofficialpandora, #kayjewelers