Media Uploader: Empowering Customers to Share Content Directly from their Device

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Media Uploader: Empowering Customers to Share Content Directly from their Device

The media uploader feature widens the net for brands to collect more UGC by offering consumers an additional channel via which to share content, nurturing a unique interaction between customers and the brand itself. Read on for everything you need to know about the media uploader.

What is the Media Uploader? 

The media uploader functionality can be seamlessly integrated into a Flow (widget), enabling customers to effortlessly upload their images from their desktop or mobile device directly. This offers them the opportunity to interact with your brand while maintaining a clear distinction between their content on your site and their social media accounts. This distinction is particularly valuable for those customers who are eager to engage with your brand’s community but prefer not to share the same content on their personal profiles. 

How Does the Media Uploader Work?

Once the media uploader is activated, a new media upload button will appear on the corresponding Flow (widget) on your website. Clicking on this button will enable your customers to upload their content either from their computer, device or Dropbox account.

You can customise the button’s appearance so that elements like the button colour, text colour, shape, and alignment blend in seamlessly with the design of your website. You can even preview how the Flow will look with the addition of the media upload button from within our platform before saving it to your site. 

All website visitors that add content via the media uploader on your website must agree to your terms and conditions before the content is accepted as well as being required to add a caption to their image. Captions on UGC social media posts often add a complimentary piece of information that accompanies the image in a positive way, for example, the caption might praise the product or how it looks/feels. Rest assured that content added via the media upload button will not be missing any complimentary captions. 

If you want to test out this feature from the customer’s perspective check out the Media Uploader implementation on Intertoys homepage (pictured below) or Vulkresor’s dedicated My Magic Iceland landing page.

It’s also possible to offer another point of content collection with QR codes. Your customers can simply grab their device, scan the QR code and share their content with you in the blink of an eye. This is particularly useful for Flowbox users with physical stores or locations, and placing the QR codes in the right locations can encourage more customers/visitors to share their content.    

Content submitted by customers via the media uploader will be collected in your Flowbox account, along with posts gathered from various social media platforms. From there this content can be moderated (accepted or rejected) from within the Flowbox platform in the same manner as for posts collected from social media platforms – providing you with full control over the content displayed on your website.

Most successful eCommerce players will attest that User Generated Content has become a vital component of successful brand engagement and online community building. The media uploader offers an additional avenue via which your customers can share their experiences using your products or services with you and with other potential customers. The more User Generated Content the better! 

If you already use Flowbox and are interested in enabling this feature then contact your Customer Success Manager. If you would like to learn more about Flowbox then book a demonstration of our platform.