Send Events from Flowbox to Google Analytics 4

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Send Events from Flowbox to Google Analytics 4

Are you data-driven? Our Flows and checkout script collect data on visitor interactions, and our web analytics feature allows you to send these events to your Google Analytics 4 property directly. You can then use these useful insights to help you boost user engagement and website performance. Read on for more information on this fantastic way to link your GA4 to Flowbox analytics. 

People increasingly seek greater privacy, transparency, choice, and authority in determining how their online data is utilised. This significant shift was one of the driving factors behind Google’s transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) which was officially finalised on the 1st of July 2023. However, for many data-driven marketers and eCommerce providers who relied on the specific insights they gathered via Universal Analytics the switch to GA4 has presented a big adjustment.

For many, GA4 isn’t merely viewed as an upgrade or a fresh iteration of Universal Analytics but as an entirely new data model for monitoring user activities and interactions on your website. What remains indisputable is that Google Analytics can make up a key component of an effective analytical toolkit for eCommerce.

Flowbox enables you to send events to your GA4 property from your Flows and your checkout script, sending valuable information on how users are interacting with your website. 

A number of different events can be sent to GA4 from the Flows implemented on your website. Here are some examples of the events that are sent from Flows:

  1. When a Flow is viewed on a page
  2. When the carousel navigation button is clicked on a Flow
  3. When a CTA button is clicked on within a Flow

Conversion metrics are arguably one of the most important pieces of data for eCommerce. The great news is that you can also send conversion events to GA4 via the Flowbox checkout script when visitors complete the checkout process in your store.

When you combine the power of GA4 with Flowbox, you’re not just optimising your data collection; you’re supercharging your ability to understand and serve your clients better. You’ll benefit from precise, real-time data that can be used to make informed decisions based on the actual behaviours of your audience. Whether it’s fine-tuning marketing strategies, enhancing user experiences, or increasing conversion rates, the synergy between GA4 and Flowbox can help to unlock the keys to growth.

If you already use Flowbox and are interested in connecting your GA4 account then contact your Customer Success Manager to set up this feature that is included in all of our packages. If you would like to learn more about Flowbox then book a demonstration of our platform.