Flowbox partners with Fisheye to provide more Magento users with a seamless User Generated Content solution

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Flowbox partners with Fisheye to provide more Magento users with a seamless User Generated Content solution

Flowbox and Fisheye recently announced their partnership, which is set to help more Magento-supported webshops launch successful User Generated Content strategies in order to increase conversions and engagement. 

With the help of Flowbox’s advanced UGC platform and Fisheye’s top eCommerce services:

With this partnership launch, more brands – like window and door manufacturer Munster – are able to create a compelling shopping experience by leveraging the images and videos posted by customers on social media.

By showing their brand through the eyes of their customers, Munster is able to better connect with online shoppers by establishing a stronger relationship through customer trust. Thus, allowing the brand to more powerfully sell their products through the eyes of their customers. 

Sof Michaels, VP of Business Development at Flowbox stated, “We’re very happy to partner with a top-level Magento agency such as Fisheye with the goal of supporting clients with our high quality, in-depth social shopping integrations. The Munster Joinery case is a prime example of how we can provide that social shopping path across various key areas of the website, and we hope to replicate this kind of quality for many other brands.”

Plus, by choosing to provide this crucial link between real customers and the brand, online shoppers have a better idea of the quality of the products, what they look like in real life, and how to design their homes to their tastes and specifications. 

Munster Joinery Windows in Spacious Room

Dave Mistry Pain, Fisheye Founder, and Director said of the partnership: “Our primary focus as an eCommerce agency is to provide growth to our merchants, we do this through strategic continuous development. Our partnership with Flowbox allows us to seamlessly integrate User Generated Content providing an enhanced customer experience, which in turn has a positive effect on conversion.”

This kind of integration helps brands increase their eCommerce conversions by 15% on average seeing as customer content is 5X more likely to convert than brand-created content. 

For more information on how you can work with Fisheye and Flowbox to implement a high-quality UGC integration into your online marketing strategies, get in touch with us here.