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Collect and publish customer reviews

Revolutionise the customer ratings and reviews process with cutting-edge solutions. Highly-customisable, automated, intelligently designed, customer-first technology that speeds up eCommerce conversions and deepens the level of trust between brands and consumers.

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Zero-party data collection

Trustworthy data collection that’s adapted to the future and empowers brands with the unique consumer insights needed to make better informed data-driven decisions.

Detailed customisation

Each stage of the ratings and reviews customer journey can be customised from within our user-friendly platform to unite seamlessly with the look and feel of a brand’s eCommerce site.

Reduced return rates

Powered by automation

Benefit from automations that streamline the process of collecting, moderating, and displaying reviews. Brands can save time and resources whilst providing valuable information to potential customers at a fast pace.

The key features you expect

Effectively navigate the ratings and reviews process with smart features, support in multiple languages and mobile-first designs that have you covered every step of the way. 

Collect valuable customer feedback with highly customisable rating and review forms, moderate high volumes of ratings and reviews from within our platform or opt for auto moderation fields that optimise your workflow, then automatically display them directly on your product pages with different configurations to choose from.

“Flowbox is very easy to use, and it’s straightforward. You don’t have to check it all the time since it’s automatic, and that’s pretty cool compared to other tools that I’ve seen that are more complicated.”

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Customisation that unifies with your brand

Our ratings and reviews feature boasts a broad range of customisation options that allow brands to tailor the user experience to their specific needs

Easily customise both the text and design of rating and review capture forms from within our platform so that they integrate seamlessly with the look and feel of your eCommerce site. You can customise how our stylish widgets display your ratings and reviews with different configurations to choose from.

“Flowbox is a relatively simple tool to use. When we’ve had workshops with the team, they were really knowledgeable and helpful. The customer success team has been really approachable and they’ve walked us through how to use the tool. When we've had questions, the conversation has always been easy. We get the answers we need.”

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Automation that unlocks maximum efficiency

Automations that provide brands with the capacity to keep up with the growing demands of direct-to-customer marketing. 

Fine-tune your automation preferences in our platform so that your customer feedback is automatically moderated based on your preferences, and maintain full control over what is autopublished on your site. Automate the process of reviewer verification to add trustworthy verified user badges to the reviews published on your site.

The future of ratings and reviews

Our reviews management software will continue to add value with exciting new capabilities on the horizon like customisable post-purchase review collection email sequences, white label widgets and email templates, in-depth fields like email and product blocklists, and much much more.

“The Flowbox integration was simple and straightforward and the tool is very easy to use. The Flowbox team has also been incredibly responsive, always getting back to us very quickly and helping to solve the small snags that needed fixing and optimizing.”

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Integrates with your existing solutions

To be able to offer a first-class ratings and reviews platform we partner with some of the world’s most innovative companies.