How to make Instagram shoppable to increase your online revenue

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How to make Instagram shoppable to increase your online revenue

We’ve all witnessed the magic of social media shopping and the value of getting your products on platforms like Instagram. When a user sees a cool product being worn or used by one of their influential follows, they want an easy path to purchase. And now, thanks to shoppable Instagram feeds, it’s that much easier to get customers from fawning over products on Instagram to purchasing them through your web shop.

These shoppable Instagram feeds create the social selling journey of our dreams: from organic scrolling to purchase in the most authentic way. So if you’re not using them yet, we’re going to show you exactly how and why you should be making your Instagram shoppable.

Everything you need to know about shoppable Instagram feeds

To start, this is exactly what it looks like on Instagram when you connect your content with products to create high-quality shoppable Instagram feeds.

shoppable instagram

Gone are the days when customers had to go to your website and search through your product catalogue for the exact model they saw on Instagram. With shoppable Instagram feeds, customers have a direct route to their product of interest.

How does it work? Your Instagram followers know which images contain shoppable products because of the bag symbol in the bottom left hand corner (see image above) or on the top right hand corner if you’re viewing on the feed. When the user taps on this symbol or the whole image in general, the integrated links will appear. There, they can see the name of the product and the pricing, enabling them then to click through for further information.

This will then bring them to product descriptions, sizing, and even link to your eCommerce to purchase.

Interested in leveraging social selling within your eCommerce store?

Explore how you can utilize User Generated Content from social media to organically capture the attention of your online customers.

The steps for setting up your shoppable Instagram feeds

First things first, there are a number of qualifiers that you need to have in order before you’re allowed to create shoppable Instagram feeds.

Before you get started, make sure…

  • You have your Instagram Business account set-up. If you haven’t started yet, learn how to upgrade your account for using Instagram for business.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Instagram.
  • It’s also important to have a Facebook page for linking products.
  • Finally, this feature is only available if you’re located in the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, or Germany.

Now that we’ve got that squared away, let’s get started setting up your shoppable Instagram feeds!

Step 1: Link your Facebook page to your Instagram

In order to connect your Facebook and your Instagram…

  1. Go to your Instagram for business profile and click “Edit profile.”
  2. Under “Public Business Information” click “Page” and then find your Facebook page to connect.
  3. If you don’t have a Facebook page at this stage, you can click “Create a new page” and proceed to make one.

There’s often debate about whether or not you need a specific Facebook Page Shop, according to Instagram this is not necessary. But it will be important if you’re manually doing your own integration. We’ll discuss this further down in the next section.

After following this process, your page will be pending, as you will need to be approved by Instagram to use product tagging. This shouldn’t take more than a few days after you’ve completed step 2!

Step 2: Connect your product catalogue to your Instagram account

This is the important part: getting your product catalogue integrated into your Instagram account.

There are two ways to make this happen…

Using Facebook’s Catalogue Manager

Catalogue Manager is the DIY version of this integration that is done through your Facebook Business Manager. If your follow this route, your product catalogue should already be attached to your Facebook page so you can manage everything in the same place.

This means setting up and customising your shop on both platforms, managing your catalogue, creating collections of featured items, and viewing  your insights. And, of course, creating our shoppable Instagram feeds with tagged products!

If you’re using this option, this is where having a shop within your Facebook page is important.

Here are the steps to make this happen…

  1. Got to your Facebook page and look for the Shop tab.
  2. If you don’t have a Shop tab, select the ‘add a button’ option, underneath your cover photo. Then choose the ‘shop now’ option and click ‘next.’ Here, click ‘shop on your page’ and then ‘finish.’
  3. If you do have a Shop tab, click it and then select ‘set up shop.’ Follow the steps presented to you.
  4. Within these steps, it will ask you if you’d like customers to check out on Facebook or on another webpage. This is up to you and the online journey that you want to create, but we suggest attaching your eCommerce at this point for a seamless buying journey.
  5. Finally your shop will be migrated! And from there you can attach your products to content.
shoppable instagram

If you have any trouble during this set-up process, you can consult this page for extra advice on getting everything up and running.

eCommerce Platform Partner

If you work with one of Instagram’s certified partners as your eCommerce platform, then connecting your product catalogue will be done automatically through their integration.

This list of partners includes…

And if your eCommerce platform is not listed here, you can still reach out and ask them if they have a specific Facebook integration.

Step 3: Tag products to create shoppable Instagram feeds

Once you’ve been approved by Instagram to use the product tagging feature, you can move onto this final step.

You will see a message within your Instagram that says ‘Start tagging products on Instagram.’ From there, click ‘get started’ to finalize the connection between your Facebook Shop and your Instagram.

Click the shop you created  and hit done! Now your products are officially ready to be connected to content.

Keep in mind if you don’t see the alert, that you can check your status by heading to options in Instagram and looking for the “Shopping” tab. If it doesn’t appear, then you’re still waiting for approval.

If you have been approved, let’s try tagging products to one of your images! Follow these simple steps to do so:

  1. Upload a photo like you normally would.
  2. When you get to the area where you tag other accounts, you will also see that you now have the option to tag products.
  3. Tap where you want the product to appear in the image, and then select the correct product from your catalogue.
  4. Click done and send it to your feed!
shoppable instagram

And it’s really that easy – you’ve just created yourself a shoppable Instagram!

Taking your shoppable Instagram feeds on step further

Now that you know how to use this cool feature, we highly suggest that integrate it into your online buying journey. Not only will it help you sell more of your products via social media, it will create a more seamless transition to your eCommerce for your customers.

Once they land on your web shop, there’s one more step to the shoppable Instagram process that you can leverage to create an even more compelling online buying process.

And that is using content created by users on social platforms and integrating it into your eCommerce to further increase engagement and revenue. These customer created Shoppable feeds enables customers to continue shopping the latest styles from Instagram even when they’re already hit your online store.

Not only that, but User Generated Content provides a level of social proof that inspires and engages customers in a way that professionally produced content simply cannot.

By connecting these images and videos directly with your products by using a UGC platform, you’ll further implement the magic of User Generated shoppable Instagram feeds all within your eCommerce.

Plus, it actually works! Brands across sectors see, on average, a 15% conversion rate increase with social selling integrations like these.

Do you want to see similar results? Talk to our team to learn more about how to you can implement these kinds of shoppable feeds within your eCommerce.

Providing multiple kinds of social proof at every stage of the buying process is what truly makes the difference. From shoppable feeds on Instagram to User Generated Content and more. So complete your online buying journey with all the tricks of social selling today!