How Agua Bendita is growing and nurturing its consumer base with User Generated Content

Discover how Colombian swimwear and ready-to-wear apparel brand, Agua Bendita, achieved an interaction rate of 6.06% thanks to User Generated Content. We interviewed Natalia Molina, the Director of eCommerce at Agua Bendita about the brand’s collaboration with Flowbox.


Interaction rate with UGC


Conversion rate of those who interacted with UGC


The Story

Agua Bendita is a Colombian brand with more than 20 years of experience on the market, they create handmade embroidered swimwear and resort wear pieces made by Colombian artisans.  They offer a broader product range than many other swimwear brands on the market including bikinis, one-pieces, beachwear, clothing/streetwear, and accessories.

Agua Bendita is an international brand, with the majority of its sales coming from Europe and the United States, the brand also has a large presence in Colombia and Latin America, and they are now covering the US, Southeast Asian, and European markets.

The brand is focused on promoting the Latin American industry by creating embroidered, handmade, and locally produced products. The effort involved in the craftsmanship of their products is reflected in the quality of their products.

The brand designs bold fashion pieces for women, and it stands to reason that the jaguar has been a source of inspiration for the co-founders of Agua Bendita – admired for their confidence, strength, vitality, power, color, and patterns. Their eye-catching swimwear and clothing instill this same sense of confidence in women, exemplified by the images of happy and self-assured women in their User Generated Content.


Agua Bendita needed a way to go beyond the artificial snapshots that are so often featured in product photos. They needed to bring their website images and marketing campaigns to life in a way that everyday consumers could relate to.

We really liked the idea of ​​bringing Instagram content to the website, because our clients, as we call “#ABgirls” show the products in different looks and fits, communicating the look and feel of the brand

Agua Bendita is a brand that seeks to empower women, making them feel safe to enjoy themselves at the beach, in the pool, or on the street. They have a deep understanding of the fact that swimwear can alienate certain customers, with campaigns that are often retouched and only feature slim or somewhat unattainable body types.

User Generated Content offers the perfect way for consumers to share their enjoyment of swimwear or apparel and for other users to relate to these real-life images.

Finding the right swimwear items is an intimate thing and it’s important for consumers to find the correct size that is comfortable for them. By collecting images of different women wearing swimwear, UGC offers a way for consumers to see their body type reflected in product images.

The User Generated Content collected by Agua Bendita shows people in different locations around the world enjoying their products and demonstrates that their customers are internationally based and not just located in Latin America.


Instagram campaigns such as Agua Bendita’s #ABgirl, have created an experience in which consumers are encouraged to share their images. This makes them feel more strongly identified with the brand, generating a stronger consumer connection.

Using hashtags, the brand collects Instagram content in which its customers tag them. Flowbox offers the perfect solution for automating the collection of tagged posts.

The brand has been able to perform an analysis of the user experience on its platform. They have also been able to organize and link elements of their eCommerce operation together, for example, they have created collections of certain products and associated them with different website landing pages.

Not only does Flowbox provide functional and customizable tools that help the brand organize and make the most of its User Generated Content, but the integration process with Flowbox was efficient and easy. Technological efficiency and a positive sense of teamwork make Agua Bendita and Flowbox a dynamic duo.

Agua Bendita has not only been able to incorporate Flowbox’s state-of-the-art UGC solutions into their eCommerce strategy but they have also been able to easily connect their UGC to VTEX. VTEX is an eCommerce solution that is especially prominent in Latin America and offers content management providers a centralized platform to create and manage their online stores.

“Yes, it was very easy. The Flowbox team is very good at what they do. The integration process was fast and communication came very easily. We had stores with Shopify and now VTEX and they were very easy to integrate. VTEX is a very important part of our eCommerce operations and we are happy with how it works.”


Interaction rate with UGC


Conversion rate of those who interacted with UGC


Flowbox is very useful since it’s very dynamic because you can click on User Generated Content, which then takes you to the tagged product, and then you can buy it. We have different “cross-selling” strategies. When you see the product, a bikini for example, down below you can see the “top” part of the bikini, and vice versa with the bikini bottoms. You can also then see the third piece of clothing to accompany your bikini. So you see how real customers interact with UGC. UGC provides “insights” to new potential clients.