bonprix: Crafting a personalised shopping experience with strategically-placed consumer content

Discover why bonprix Poland chose to partner with Flowbox – a strategic decision grounded in enhancing the customer’s shopping experience. Read on to explore how our platform perfectly met their User Generated Content requirements.

The Story

International fashion retailer bonprix operates in 25 different countries, whilst the brand has physical stores in Germany the rest of the stores are digital ones, bonprix Poland’s thriving eCommerce site being one of them.

With a lineup of five proprietary brands and a fresh collection debuting every month, bonprix’s customers can always count on discovering new and exciting women’s, men’s and children’s fashion and homewares and interior design products. 

They take pride in their ability to effectively translate the latest trends from international catwalks into everyday fashion, presenting inspiring yet functional collections suitable for various occasions. Their commitment to delivering high-quality products in a wide range of styles and sizes ensures that all of their customers can always find products they look and feel fantastic in.

The Challenge

At bonprix Poland they were drawn to adding User Generated Content to their website in order to make the purchasing process easier for their customers. Providing highly relevant content at the right stage in the consumer journey can speed up purchasing decisions as well as helping to create a more customer-centric and visually appealing digital shopping experience that will increase the likelihood of forming repeat customers. 

“At bonprix we want to give our customers the best possible experience and provide the data they need to make smart shopping decisions. Therefore we search for solutions that offer customers better product views and information.”

Milena Bakalarz-Brzana, Project Manager at bonprix Poland

User Generated Content proves invaluable in establishing deeper connections with online shoppers. UGC is a useful resource for clothing brands selling online because clothing looks so different on different people, different body types, and can be styled in a multitude of ways. The same can be said for interior design products too, the space products are placed in as well as the furniture and decor they are paired with breathes life into these items for online shoppers in ways that traditional studio images cannot capture.

“Based on UGC brands can build stronger connections with their customers. Any customer can share his/her joy with our products, become a brand ambassador on social media, and show off their personal style. As a brand, we can give them a place in our webshop to show how much we love it. We can share this experience with customers and at the same time inspire other potential clients to join us. This inspirational potential is huge – the same piece worn by 10 different people means 10 different outfits. It’s very valuable extra content that impacts the shopping process.”

Milena Bakalarz-Brzana, Project Manager at bonprix Poland

The Solution

It became clearly apparent that UGC would be a vital ingredient to add to their eCommerce shopping experience. However, for a brand of bonprix Poland’s scale, the selection of the ideal UGC platform for their needs held paramount significance.

The brand decided to work with Flowbox to leverage consumer content strategically across various sections of their website. This encompassed the homepage, product pages, a dedicated lookbook page, and category pages, ensuring that the customer journey was enriched with relevant content at every touchpoint.

“We want to present valuable content in the right context to follow customers’ needs at every step of the shopping process. Therefore we use different display rules depending on the page type. For example on category pages, we show UGC pictures of items coming from that particular category and on the product page – only pictures of the relevant product.”

Milena Bakalarz-Brzana, Project Manager at bonprix Poland

This strategic integration, coupled with the ease of use and flexibility of the Flowbox platform, empowered bonprix to seamlessly incorporate UGC into their digital landscape in a highly-customised way that enhances the customer experience.

“The tool is user-friendly and offers many options. Creating widgets and defining conditions is very easy and most importantly – the tool allows you to add changes and corrections with immediate impact on widgets.” 

Milena Bakalarz-Brzana, Project Manager at bonprix Poland

For bonprix there are two features of the Flowbox platform that stand out as having a game-changing impact on their day-to-day UGC management efforts. One of which is our AI Product Recognition feature.

The AI Product Recognition feature streamlines the process of tagging products in posts by automatically suggesting the products from an eCommerce brand’s primary catalog. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual searches using product IDs or names, significantly enhancing the efficiency and speed of tagging products in UGC posts, which is especially important for brands like bonprix that boast very extensive catalogs. 

“We appreciate that Flowbox offers a good quality image recognition tool, which is often useful in our work. Also, the possibility of steering different language versions within one widget is important from an international company’s perspective.”  

Milena Bakalarz-Brzana, Project Manager at bonprix Poland

The Flowbox Experience

As they embarked on their partnership with Flowbox, bonprix experienced not only a seamless integration process backed up by personal assistance and helpful documentation but also a commitment to healthy long-term collaboration.

“We care for long-term relationships and cooperation and look for partners with the same values. We find the Flowbox team very communicative and open to suggestions. Technical support is fast and helpful, and together with the Customer Success team, we have the chance to discuss and launch new features and adjustments which help us in our daily work with the tool. The whole team we work with are great specialists and really nice people, who listen to customer needs.”

Milena Bakalarz-Brzana, Project Manager at bonprix Poland

The images featured in this article are from bonprix.pl.