How MK benefits from UGC | Case study

Chilean company MK, integrated User Generated Content into its web page to be able to show its products in a different context than usual. Find out more about MK in the following case study.


Users who interact with the UGC convert


The Story

The MK brand was founded more than 20 twenty years ago in the city of Santiago, Chile. The company has managed to position itself as a benchmark in the market for design, home improvement, decoration, and construction finishes. MK currently has 16 stores throughout Chile.

MK has been a pioneer in its country for being one of the first companies to adopt an eCommerce business model in the construction specialist market. MK’s goal is to develop a value proposition, keeping quality and customer service at the core.


Being able to present products from different perspectives was one of MK’s objectives. The brand wanted to find a way to show its products in real contexts and with real customers and try to close the bridge between the client and the product. The MK team came up with the idea of designing a marketing strategy in which users were involved, thus creating a community.

‘’We were looking for a platform that would allow us to connect our Instagram with our eCommerce, Flowbox allowed us to show the real content generated by our own users. We wanted to show the products in a different way, showing the projects of other users. The change was important, we saw an amazing increase in revenue and conversions, especially in the widgets located on the product page”.

Josefina Khamis, Head of Digital Channels at MK


The integration of User Generated Content has allowed MK to improve the online shopping experience of its consumers. Potential customers can see the products from the perspective of other customers and trust the brand proposition more.

The MK brand realized the potential of all the images shared on social networks by its consumers, and decided to integrate them into the website. That way, you get to create a community where users can view and post images, thus inspiring more consumers.

”We have many customers who expressly come to the physical store to see different pieces in person, the UGC allows these customers to see the images and easily imagine what they look like in real life from their homes. The UGC also has the function of inspiring users on how they can use MK products to decorate their spaces.

Josefina Mardones, Head of Marketing and Digital at MK


Users who interact with the UGC convert


Leading SaaS company, Flowbox, made sure that the entire integration process flowed quickly so that it did not affect the functioning of the MK website. Flowbox’s team of professionals has provided continuous support to the MK brand and has resolved any doubts that have arisen.  

“It is a very easy-to-use tool, very user-friendly. It is an easy platform to learn how to use. Our experience is a very satisfactory one, we have gathered a lot of content to moderate. We had different meetings with the Flowbox team, and they answered all our doubts perfectly. They always respond quickly if there is any problem.”

Josefina Khamis, Head of Digital Channels at MK