How Opticalia benefits from UGC | Case study

Since adopting Flowbox as it’s UGC platform Opticalia has continued experiencing positive results. Read on to find out how they have boosted their marketing strategy thanks to User Generated Content.




The History

For Opticalia, fashion and trends go hand in hand in their brand positioning. Within their extensive catalog of frames, there are exclusive brands that customers can find both in their stores and on their website. Considering glasses as a fashion accessory is Opticalia’s main objective, which is why their presence and strategy on social networks like Instagram are crucial.

The Challenge

Opticalia encountered a significant barrier when it came to selling glasses online: the customer couldn’t see how the frames looked before purchasing them. Overcoming this barrier is why they considered leveraging their presence on social media with User Generated Content.

“We realized the potential of the images that our users shared across these social media networks, and we decided to take advantage of that. Through Flowbox, we managed to unite eCommerce with the opportunities presented on Instagram.”

Ana Castillo Castaño, Responsable de Marketing Digital at Opticalia

The Solution

Currently, the brand is using the hashtag #OpticaliaPeople to gather high-quality User Generated Content on social media, not only from anonymous customers but also from all of the influencers in the industry with a profile that aligns with the type of customer they are targeting. Opticalia is working to ensure that all the community activity on their social media is grouped under the hashtag #OpticaliaPeople.

Our platform is also aiding them in positioning the brand across all markets and platforms. Currently, they are integrating the Flowbox widget into the physical totems they are installing in some of their optical stores.

“Currently, the UGC on the website is only visible in Spain, although the idea is to use Flowbox in all of Opticalia’s markets. Thanks to Flowbox, customers looking at the totems in the physical stores can see which are our most well-known products and how they look, and they can also explore our entire catalogue even if it’s not physically present in the store.”

Ana Castillo Castaño, Head of Digital Marketing at Opticalia

These totems feature the User Generated Content that the brand has collected since incorporating Flowbox platform into its marketing strategy. This has led to a more exciting and engaging shopping experience in their stores.

“The final appearance of the products in real life may be different from how the customer perceives them when viewing them online. However, through all the content generated via our social media networks, this difference can be narrowed. Additionally, content creators assist us in bringing more visibility to the brand and maintaining its relevance.”

Ana Castillo Castaño, Head of Digital Marketing at Opticalia

The Flowbox Experience



Flowbox makes the integration process as easy as possible for the brands it partners with. Opticalia finds our tools functional and user-friendly. Flowbox technology enables them to manage all content swiftly and easily.

“It was super quick and easy. The decision to integrate Flowbox into the website came almost towards the end of development, and it was a very straightforward process. The needs of each business are completely different, and Flowbox adapted things perfectly to our situation. When it came to adapting the widgets for the totems, the entire process was also very smooth.” 

Ana Castillo Castaño, Digital Marketing Manager at Opticalia