How The Animals Observatory benefits from UGC | Case study


Carmen De Paz from Spanish children’s fashion brand The Animals Observatory came to visit Flowbox’s Barcelona office to share the brand’s experiences using the Flowbox platform.


  • 00:05 – Introduction to the brand.
  • 00:38 – Why the Animals Observatory decided to add User Generated Content to its marketing strategy.
  • 01:37 – How User Generated Content has helped the brand boost and build its online community.
  • 02:22 – The value Flowbox brings to the eCommerce journey on The Animals Observatory website.
  • 02:54 – What motivated the brand to add a dedicated community page on their website where visitors can filter through UGC based on different categories.
  • 03:46 – How the Flowbox platform enables the brand to ethically share content featuring children.
  • 04:22 – Integrating Flowbox into their eCommerce site.
  • 04:53 – The brand’s experience with the Flowbox Customer Success Team.


Interview Transcript

Can you tell us a little bit about your brand?

I work for the brand, The Animals Observatory. We are a children’s wear brand which is based in Spain, in Girona. We are worldwide and we are already selling in over 25 countries. We are a young brand because we were born in 2015 and our first collection hit the market in the spring/summer 2016. I’m Carmen de Paz and I’m the Growth Manager of the brand.

Why did the Animals Observatory decide to add User Generated Content to its marketing strategy?

We decided to include our User Generated Content in our website because from the beginning our community has been very active and proactive. They like to post themselves, how they wear our outfits, they feel like they are a community. We are more of a followed brand, more than any other, maybe mainstream brands in kidswear. And we feel that also to the fact that people really like to see how an outfit looks on themselves, it’s a decision-maker in the product purchase process. With Flowbox, we saw that we were able to fit these two features in the same platform and help us to increase this community and to be more engaged with them.

How has User Generated Content helped you to boost or build on your online community/presence?

It has helped us to build and boost our community because our followers feel now more, I think more engaged, more related to the brand because when they see themselves that they can add value to the brand, they are also, I think, more keen to share their content with others on social networks. So if they feel that they can be part of the brand, they feel like they can be engaged and related to the brand and add value to the brand.

What value does Flowbox bring to the eCommerce journey on your website? 

The most important value that Flowbox added to our customer journey is that it increased our conversion rate, especially in the product page. We knew from our previous experience with other features that extra photos, extra videos that you added in the product page. When you add value in the product page, it really gives confidence to the customers and it’s a decision-maker in the purchase process for the customers.

You’ve implemented a dedicated community page where visitors can filter UGC based on different categories. What motivated you to execute this? 

We decided to add the filters and tags to the community page because as a fashion brand, we generate a lot of content because at least every six months we have a full new catalogue, if not even with less time. So we felt that it was necessary to give the opportunity to customers to be able to filter which products they are looking for because from six months to the other half of the year, the content completely changes and there is a lot of new content. So we felt it was necessary to start being able to filter all this content.

When images of children are being shared online it’s vital that it’s done in the right way. How has Flowbox made it easy to efficiently share content featuring children?

In Flowbox, it’s very easy to feature content from children or from anyone else because they have this tool, the rights request tool, which you can send to all your followers, all the people that generate the content that you want to use. You send them these right requests, and they can accept or not to share this kind of content with the brand.

Was Flowbox easy to integrate into your website? Were you satisfied with our technical team?

It was very easy to integrate Flowbox in our website. We had the Magento platform and with the help of the technical team it was a matter of a couple of days to integrate the Flows. Also, we are now currently migrating to Shopify Plus and it’s also very easy because Flowbox already has an application to integrate with Shopify.

Can you talk us through your experience with the customer success team? Are you happy with the service provided?

We are very happy with the Customer Success Team because they are always on top of our needs. They are always helping us to improve, to make improvements with the tool. They were very involved in the process from the very beginning once we had already integrated the platform with the setup and then doing a plan to set up all the Flows in our website step by step.