Mobilizing customers to create a brighter future with the help of User Generated Content

United Colors of Benetton is an international clothing brand known for brightening the lives of their devoted customers with bold colors and unique knitwear. Learn how they use authentic User Generated Content to strengthen their brand values and connect with a larger community. 


User Generated images and videos collected


The Story

United Colors of Benetton is a world-renowned clothing brand famous for its colors, expert knitwear, and commitment to social awareness. With a blend of Italian style and knowledge of global designs, the Benetton collections present on-trend, quality outfits made that have the goal of creating a brighter future for all.

With strong values steeped in a dedication to sustainable practices, the brand is constantly discovering new ways to share their fundamental messaging with larger audiences.


United Colors of Benetton is recognized around the world for its capacity to build a community of brand enthusiasts eager to identify with the Benetton essence: color, quality, and social commitment.

With an online marketing strategy that aims to connect with younger audiences while maintaining engagement with core customers, the brand was in search of compelling ways to capture their values through the eyes of their customers. User Generated Content proved to be the perfect solution. 

“We would like United Colors of Benetton to be seen as a colorful, good-quality and eclectic collection – suitable for all and committed to be more and more sustainable. And User Generated Content is a great complement to this approach.”

Vanessa Roccatelli – Digital Marketing Manager at United Colors of Benetton


“We wanted to include User Generated Content in our strategy because we believe that by showing off our brand through UGC, we can communicate a more immediate connection with our customers. Also, we love to see how people choose and style our pieces.”

Vanessa Roccatelli – Digital Marketing Manager at United Colors of Benetton

Thanks to their User Generated Content integration, United Colors of Benetton is able to use the voices of their customers to express the brand’s principal beliefs to a larger audience. When new customers see images and videos of the Benetton community enjoying their designs, they too want to experience this connection to the brand’s promise of a brighter future, together. 

Not only does their collection of UGC help the brand build stronger connections with their customers, it also provides real-life styling inspiration within their online buying journey. Now, when online customers shop the Benetton look, they can scroll through high-quality visuals of the Italian brand designs in authentic settings, giving them the social proof to convert. 

“User Generated Content provides an additional inspiration and a rewarding feeling. Plus, it provides a large amount of extra content we can use.”

Vanessa Roccatelli – Digital Marketing Manager at United Colors of Benetton


User Generated images and videos collected


“The Flowbox platform is very easy to use. We feel the filters and search bar inside the campaign management tool is really helpful to quickly find the best content, especially when you have a lot of posts published with your tag or hashtag, as we have. The most useful feature for us is the possibility to generate different widgets to use the UGC in different parts of the website. And of course the integration with our online catalogue that allows the user to shop the products seen in the content.”

“We have reached out to the support team several times in the past, especially for questions and concerns. The replies were always quick and clear, and they even took care of some issues in bulk for us, that would cost us a lot of time if done manually.”

Gaia Isotta Lisco – Digital Content Strategist at United Colors of Benetton