How Zafiro Hotels benefits from UGC | Case study

Discover how the hotel company Zafiro Hotels has managed to bring its service to more customers via its User Generated Content strategy.

The story

The hotel company Zafiro Hotels has a premium selection of hotels and resorts in Mallorca and Menorca. Its four and five-star establishments are located in exceptional natural settings, have modern facilities, impeccable service and a concept of 360º vacation experiences marked by the highest standards.

Zafiro Hotels focuses on two fundamental pillars: quality and well-being. “Creating Memories” is the current company motto, and the brand is focused on offering exceptional experiences to its guests. The company currently has more than 2,500 employees who look after the well-being of its guests so that they can enjoy their dream vacations.


It is crucial for hotel brands to be able to bring their service closer to customers and offer a more realistic vision of what’s on offer. This was one of the objectives of Zafiro Hotels. A large part of the promotion of a hotel company focuses on the experiences that customers have in their establishments, so showing the hotels first hand was a very attractive opportunity for Zafiro Hotels.

“At the strategy level, we first tried launching a contest that encouraged users to post images of their stay, with the added incentive of a prize. It worked quite well, but we did not have the necessary tools to be able to transfer all the content from social networks to the website and it was a very manual process that took a long time.”

Eva Martorell Moreno, Marketing Communications Manager at Zafiro Hotels


Humans are very visual beings, so the best way to demonstrate the value of the product you offer is through the eyes of your customers. The integration of User Generated Content has opened a fantastic window for Zafiro Hotels.

“All of the efforts that a brand makes at the communication and marketing level to reach users is great. But if we can use the loudspeaker provided on social networks via the UGC of our customers, we will be able to increase circulation and reach more people organically.”

Eva Martorell Moreno, Marketing Communications Manager at Zafiro Hotels

By adopting UGC, the brand has been able to transfer content from social networks to its website under the “Zafiro Memories” campaign. The images feature guests enjoying the spectacular surroundings of the island and the fantastic facilities of Zafiro Hotels during their holidays. This offers a great opportunity for users to get to know the hotel and its surroundings before visiting it.

The Flowbox Experience

The implementation of the Flowbox tool on the Zafiro Hotels website went very smoothly. Thanks to UGC, the brand has been able present its services to more consumers in a more attractive way. The Flowbox team has been able to help the brand at all times by answering their questions and implementing new strategies.

“Due to the nature of our type of business, being dedicated to leisure, customers already share images of their stay at the hotel on social media. Without a tool like Flowbox, it would have been impossible to organically collect all of the content published on social networks by users.”

Eva Martorell Moreno, Marketing Communications Manager at Zafiro Hotels