Flowbox extends the capabilities of its UGC platform with ratings and reviews: the next-generation consumer feedback product geared towards zero-party data collection

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Flowbox extends the capabilities of its UGC platform with ratings and reviews: the next-generation consumer feedback product geared towards zero-party data collection

Flowbox has released an exciting new premium ratings and reviews product that allows brands to incorporate highly-valuable star ratings and reviews into their product pages to enrich them with an added level of social proof. Enabling brands to collect, moderate, and distribute customer feedback in a way that benefits both the brand and the consumer.

Flowbox is already a world leader in the User Generated Content space offering advanced solutions for managing authentic forms of consumer generated social proof that drive eCommerce results to over 850 brands across 40 countries including Benetton, IKEA, G-Star RAW, Karl Lagerfeld, Björn Borg, Skincity and Decathlon.   

Until now the content formats brands have been able to gather via the platform have consisted of images and videos collected from social media. Now Flowbox extends the capabilities of its platform to collect, manage and distribute star ratings and written reviews allowing brands to curate an even more trustworthy and engaging eCommerce shopping experience from start to finish. 

“Our new rating and reviews product is a great addition to our UGC offering and plays nicely into the needs of the marketing operation of our customers.” 

Eivind Bergsmyr, partner at Viking Venture and Chairman of the Board at Flowbox

The product is designed with a mobile-first approach, recognising that more and more consumers are shopping on their mobile devices. It’s optimised for mobile so that brands can provide a seamless, responsive and engaging eCommerce experience for their customers, regardless of the device they are using.

The ratings and reviews product allows brands to customise review capture forms to match the look and feel of their eCommerce site which are then integrated with ease into their product pages. Relevant consumer responses that are product specific can then be collected without disrupting the harmony of the branding on their website.  

One of the key benefits of this release is its automation-backed moderation capabilities allowing brands to choose from a range of different auto moderation fields that optimise workflows. Flowbox users can quickly and efficiently handle high volumes of ratings and reviews from within our user-friendly platform and maintain full control over the content that is then featured on their site. Brands can also customise how the moderated ratings and reviews are then displayed on their website with different widget configurations to choose from. 

The future of marketing is built on trust and transparency. The addition of ratings and reviews in the eCommerce journey creates a more direct line of interaction between both parties, allowing consumers to feel heard and for brands to be enlightened as to how well their products are being received. 

Sharing consumer feedback throughout the eCommerce shopping experience offers a deeper level of transparency that validates purchasing decisions. The incorporation of these product-specific reviews into the eCommerce journey better engages consumers and assists in speeding up purchasing decisions. 

“With the global shift in privacy policies and changes in data regulation, forward-thinking marketers can’t rely on third-party data anymore. Brands need the right customer data to outsmart their competitors and deliver relevant, personalized experiences that keep shoppers engaged and coming back for more. Reviews build connections between consumers and the brands.”

Marcus Carloni, Member of the Board at and Founder of Flowbox.

The product is designed to evolve to cater to the growing demands of zero-party data collection, which is arguably the most vital factor in the future of eCommerce success. Our tool will enable brands to collect valuable attributes and garner key insights into consumer behaviour and preferences that will empower them in perfecting their eCommerce strategy. 

“The release of this product is another step in Flowbox’s journey towards building the most comprehensive platform for managing the forms of consumer content and data that are the most essential for eCommerce performance.”

Eulogi Bordas, CEO of Flowbox

If you’re interested in joining the brands that are succeeding by adopting a customer-first strategy that places consumer feedback at the heart of the eCommerce journey you can learn more by booking a demo of our platform today.