See how this Spanish furniture brand increases its conversion rate and engagement with authentic User Generated Content

The Story

Kavehome is a home and furniture brand, based in Barcelona, but sells its products across Europe. It started online but has recently made the leap into opening the first flagship store in Barcelona.

“We always recognized the power of content generated by our clients, and as a way to be much more creative than our creatives can be. And that’s why we started using User Generated Content and through the technology of Flowbox.”

Victor Font – Managing Director at Kave Home

“Flowbox is for us a way to use this User Generated Content that is very valuable for brands in a very smart way. It’s also a way to use the imperfections of these images to inspire our customers. There are not so many homes that are perfect as we sometimes show in our own images, but client’s home’s images are much more credible. And Flowbox is the tool that is enabling us to boost sales and to help build the brand.”

Victor Font – Managing Director at Kave Home